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Environmental Links and ResourcesProtecting and restoring our fragile environment is one of the most important legacies we can leave future generations.  At Enterprise Supply, we know it will take everyone working together in both big and small ways to preserve the quality and health of the lakes, rivers and streams that we often take for granted. Here are several environmental links and resources you can use to learn more.

One small thing we all can do right now is to prevent further damage.   We encourage everyone to get involved and find out more about what can be done today to preserve our aquatic wildlife and habitats and drinkable freshwater supplies.  Let’s start by finding ways to reduce polluted storm water run off at our homes and businesses.

Quick fact…  It is important that we understand how rare it is to find clean, drinkable freshwater. Freshwater makes up less than 3% of water on earth, and over two-thirds of this is tied up in polar ice caps and glaciers. Freshwater lakes and rivers make up only 0.009% of water on Earth and groundwater makes up 0.28%. By understanding the nature of the global water cycle, and its importance to everyone, we can understand why water must be protected and how we all can play a part in preserving our water supplies.

Environmental Links

American Rivers – Protecting Our Rivers and Clean Water

The Nature Conservancy – Rivers and Lakes Protecting Water for People and Nature

Groundwater Protection Council – Storm-water

WikiHow – How to Reduce Storm-water Runoff at Your Home

Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County – A Homeowner’s Guide to Greening Storm-water Runoff

Wikipedia – Storm-water

Springfield Oregon Department of Environmental Quality – Best Management Practices for Pressure Washing Businesses

We will be adding to this list.  If you know of other resources and would like to make suggestions, please leave us a comment.

Thank you.

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