BacKrete® vs. ReKrete – A Product Comparison

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Here is a side-by-side comparison of BacKrete® vs. ReKrete

Ph Ratings

  • Ph of BacKrete® is 7.8 (Neutral Ph is 7.0; Distilled Water is 7.0; Tap Water is 7.4)
  • Ph of ReKrete is 9.5 to 10 (Much Higher Ph)

The Ph Scale increases exponentially by a factor of 10. These Ph values are significantly different; the BacKrete® Ph is much more neutral.


  • BacKrete® covers 400-450 sf/pound. It utilizes an 8 ounce measuring cup to spread – less product is required per square foot.
  • ReKrete covers 200 sf/pound. It utilizes a 16 ounce measuring cup to spread – more product is required per square foot.


  • Backrete® contains a blend of naturally occurring, viable bacterial cultures which consume diesel fuel and all the major components of diesel. BacKrete® will digest motor oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oil and other hydrocarbon based petroleum products.
  • ReKrete contains a calcium carbonate enzyme preparation.

Liquid Retention

  • BacKrete® will absorb liquids of any type: water, cola, juice, anti-freeze and any petroleum based liquid. It will consume as a food source any petroleum based liquid. It is very water friendly. In fact, BacKrete® may be applied before or after rain. But it will spread further when the concrete is mostly dry.
  • ReKrete is a poor absorbent for any liquid. The concrete must be completely dry or it will not spread.

Petroleum Stain Effectiveness:

  • BacKrete® contains natural living bacteria which are much more effective. This is because the living bacteria breed and reproduce themselves at an exponential rate.
  • ReKrete contains a calcium carbonate enzyme preparation which cannot reproduce.

HMIS Codes are equal: Health = 1 (slight hazard); Reactivity = 0; Fire = 0


  • BacKrete® weighs 16 lbs/pail; it utilizes a lightweight inert clay for greater coverage.
  • ReKrete weighs 40 lbs/pail; it utilizes a very dense, heavy calcium carbonate. Shipping costs are much higher because of the increased weigh factor.

In summary, BacKrete® is the more effective product. It uses the latest technology available for using bacteria to consume petroleum/hydrocarbon stains from concrete. The BacKrete® is simply a more environmentally friendly, economical and effective product.


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