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How to Apply… BacKrete® Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner

A small amount of BacKrete® Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner spread thinly over concrete on a weekly basis will eat oil stains.

IMPORTANT: BacKrete® Waterless Concrete Cleaner will eat oil, but not dirt. Wirebrush any area which may have a heavy build-up of dirt and oil, and remove before applying BacKrete®.

DO NOT mix water with BacKrete® Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner. The bacteria in BacKrete® obtains the water it needs from the latent moisture content of concrete, natural rain and dew, and automotive air conditioning condensation.

Step 1

Bend down to the concrete and drag the measuring cup along the concrete surface in front of the BacKrete® Applicator, creating a 2″ by 36″ line of powder.

Applying BacKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner
Step 2

Spread with the Applicator flat on the concrete surface. This will push the BacKrete® Powder into the concrete’s pores. Spread the BacKrete® down the length of the stained “Drip Zone”. Then rotate the Applicator 180 degrees, and spread back in the opposite direction.

Applying BacKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner
Step 3

Brush the applicator back and forth across the product at 90 degress to the direction of brushing in Steps 1 and 2.

Spread, Spread, Spread until the product is thinly and evenly applied, and you will see the oil stains begin to turn white.

Applying BacKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner

BacKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner Coverage

• Automotive Drip Zone: 2-4 ounces.
• Diesel Drip Zone: 4-8 ounces.

How to order BacKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner

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