Are you looking for an all natural, eco-friendly “green” cleaner to remove petroleum stains or clean oil off concrete driveways and other porous surfaces and walls? 
Enterprise Supply  is proud to distribute the all new BacKrete® Waterless Concrete Cleanerthe environmentally friendly way to clean stains using the latest advancements in bacteria technologies. We have the concrete cleaning solution that is more effective, cost less than traditional cleaning methods such as pressure washing, and is safer than caustic chemical cleaners.  If you’ve tried other concrete cleaners in the past, experience the technologically advanced way to clean with BacKrete®  Eco-Friendly and Waterless Concrete Cleaner.

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Recently people have been asking what are the differences between BacKrete® and ReKrete®. For a product comparison, please click here.

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BacKrete® Waterless Concrete Cleaner

BacKrete Waterless Concrete Cleaner

BacKrete® is a very fine, extremely absorbent, Eco-Friendly waterless concrete cleaner. It “seeds” concrete with natural occurring, non-genetically altered bacteria which consume Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil, Etc. A small amount of BacKrete spread thinly over concrete will eat an oil stain.

After more than 29 years in the chemical industry, product developer Mel Dean, along with a team of scientists, chemists and industry specialists developed BacKrete® using recent advancements in enzyme and bacteria research and technology to create a truly different and effective cleaning product. BacKrete® is unique. It has undergone rigorous testing using the product in a variety of “Real Life” testing situations for optimum results.   Instead of making just another powdered product based on fifteen year oil technology, BacKrete® set out to make a truly effective cleaner utilizing natural occurring, non-genetically altered oil-eating bacteria which breed and reproduce themselves at an exponential rate. The result is a product that has been proven to actually work! BacKrete® is so unique that it has been registered with the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” and it is proudly “Made in the USA”.

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Learn about storm water run-off pollution: http://www.gwpc.org/programs/water-quality/stormwater


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